Fibracan Manufactures a variety of 4G & 5G Concealment Shrouds that each offer robust operational capability while also providing a level of concealment that renders operation discrete. mmWave 5G radios require antennas to be free from interference. Fibracan’s 5G VitroCleat solutions leverage aesthetic openings to enable the antenna from 5G radios to protrude for a clear transmission path. VitroClear brand 5G shroud and accompanying mounts are made as the smallest and lightest available for concealing 5G antenna integrated radios (AIR) and managing cables. Designed and tested to reduce installation time, 5G VitroClear line of shrouds and mounts also feature aesthetic and architectural qualities important to municipalities. […]


Fibracan has more than 30 years of combined experience in manufacturing fiberglass products.

As manufacturers, we use the latest techniques and materials. Daily we challenge ourselves to create concealment parts that not only meet but exceed the most stringent durability, clarity and remarkable realism following a very strict safety standards.
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