5G VITROCLEAR Panels & Roof Top Products


VitroClear panels and rooftop products can be used on new site builds and for retrofit projects as well. On new projetcts we can design and manufactured the FRP Panels with VitroClear built with in the respective 5G radio location. For retrofits, we can provide full panel replacement with VitroClear built in the respective 5G radio location.
Upgrades and retrofits of existing macro sites represent a huge opportunity for trying to reduce their 5G deployment costs. VitroClear line of Panels and rooftop products can make this happen with minimum installation time and architectural qualities important to municipalities.


  • – UV Resistant
  • – Paint adhesive
  • – Thermal Insulation
  • – Patent Pending
  • – Light weight
  • – Hydrophobic surface
  • – Chemical & fire Resistant
  • – Certified Tested 600 MHz to 39 GHz
  • – Impact Resistance
  • – Rigid Surface
  • – Ventilated
  • – Excellent moisture resistance


Fibracan has been manufacturing FRP products for Architectural projects throughout the Country. Working closely with Architects, Designers and Historical Committees, you’ll find that our Architectural Fiberglass Products have been used due to their light weight, cost and low maintenance. We can match existing profiles for a custom piece or provide a standard molded product closely matching the original.
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